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K-Pop Academy Classes

K-Pop Academy Week 1: Welcome to the 6th K-Pop Academy


10495098_1649126628647063_495205006220200290_oI have always wanted to be part of the K-Pop Academy and when I found out I got in, I was so happy 🙂
When I got to the KCCUK Centre, I was feeling excited to be part of a 12 Week Programme to learn about different aspects of South Korea, but I was also nervous because we had to present the PowerPoint slideshows we made to introduce ourselves to everyone.

I signed in at the main desk, and I received a name tag, K-Pop Academy notebook and bag. After a few minutes, we all went downstairs to start off the day.

10622856_1649138251979234_5912233177349735159_nThere was a welcome and introductory speech and then the presentations began. We didn’t know when our presentations would be shown, so I was nervous as to when it was my turn to stand at the front and speak.

10629748_1649136661979393_7753164114164755287_n 1476093_1649138325312560_8573088244914245020_n 10687031_1649136668646059_3471776784730355573_n 10429324_1649137371979322_1882885820000913696_n 10670071_1649137405312652_549929832457529994_n 10404408_1649138678645858_2692409557799567595_n

When my powerpoint was shown, my hands went all shaky and I got a lump in my throat so I wasn’t able to speak well :/ but somehow I got through my presentation. I included emoticons and exo line sticker photos that made everyone laugh and smile :’)

There was a small break where Korean snacks and drinks were there for us to have, which was very nice. The Korean snacks were very tasty especially the Peperro sticks. During the break, I got to talk to friendly colleagues who had joined the academy.

10639549_1649138081979251_1455593794151636218_nAfter the break, we went back downstairs to play a quiz, with questions about South Korea. I was in Team Super Junior. It was fun and interesting because there were some questions that I did not know the answers too, but it was satisfying to have known the correct answers for some of the questions.

1375022_1649138461979213_1393943266614568905_n 10612928_1649138535312539_4024975170702402473_n

Then it was finished! The first K-Pop Academy class had ended in a flash! I wanted to stay to answer more questions from the quiz but it was home time. We received our first K-Pop Academy Homework Assignment sheet. I chose to do option 2, which was about why I think K-Pop appeals to so many people.


[Photos from KCCUK]



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