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24.09.14 UKISS 2014 Scandal in Europe Tour: London Concert

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UKISS finally came to London for a concert, after rumours about them coming to Litchfield, England a few years ago. It was nice to see a K-Pop group live after so long. The last K-Pop group to come to London was Super Junior when they came to perform for Super Show 5 at Wembley Arena in November 2013.

The concert happened on Wednesday 24th September 2014 at The Forum in Kentish Town. It started at 7pm and finished at 8.30pm. It was my first time going to that venue but I knew about this particular venue because Teen Top came to London in February 2013 for a concert but I couldn’t go 😦

I met up with Noradila from K-Pop Academy and we queued up in the line outside the venue for around an hour. I bought a tag with UKISS’ photo on it, and I always buy these tags at every K-Pop concert I go to. It’s like a tradition haha. We then went upstairs and took our seats inside the venue. Our view was very good.


The concert began with and U-KISS played their other hit songs. I was so happy that they performed Neverland, Stop Girl and Man Man Ha Ni 😀  Unfortunately they didn’t perform some great hit songs like DoraDora, Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up and Quit Playing.


The members were so happy and excited to be in London and Kevin and Eli spoke in English and also translated what the other members had said. I could understand a little of what the other members said. During one break, Kevin and Eli were asking us, the audience, for some British slang. They learnt the words ‘bruv’, ‘fam’ and loo. It was so funny because they kept on using the words in their sentences from that point on.

After the concert ended, I saw some friends and we spoke about how the concert went and took photos for memories ^^~



Overall, I had a great time and I hope UKISS can come again to London to perform. I also hope more K-Pop groups can come to London soon (especially EXO and to be more specific…Sehun :P).



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