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K-Pop Academy Week 10 Homework Assignment: 10 K-Pop Tracks

If I was stranded on a desert island, the 10 K-Pop tracks I would take with me would be the following, however it was so hard to choose these because I literally love SO many K-Pop groups and their songs.


In no particular order…

Royal Pirates – 하루 다 지나가겠다 (Haru)


The intro to this song is very unique and the actual song is so soothing to listen to. The simple beat and acoustic guitar played, with the lovely voice of Moon and the sweet melody makes this song so nice to listen to. The meaning of the song is sweet, especially this line:

아무리 봐도 너는 내게 항상 아름다워
누가 뭐라해도

No matter how much I see you, you’re always beautiful
No matter what anyone says

Moon performed Haru on MBC’s Simsimtapa

With the setting of an island, I think this song would be very nice to listen to on repeat under the sun.

VIXX – 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (On and On)


VIXX’s On and On is one of my all time favourite songs by them. It has a outerspace feeling to it, and the chorus is so addictive! “I need therapy la la la la la therapy” with the zombie dance move.

It makes you want to dance along every time you listen to it (This song has been on repeat many times). I think this song would cheer me up and make me dance, if I was stranded on a desert island by myself.

Royal Pirates – Fly To You


Another song by Royal Pirates that I really love is Fly To You. This songs melody and tune is lovely. It’s about someone who likes someone and wants to ‘fly to them’ and show their true feelings for them, with the words ‘I love you’ said to them in return.

They also have an English version of this song:

This song is so nice to listen to especially because of Moon’s voice and the instrumentals.

BIGBANG – Dirty Cash


This is one of my most favourite BIGBANG songs along with a million others! It’s got such a fun beat and sound to it, the music video is also so fun to watch. It’s got a happy, pop feel to it. On a desert island, I think this song would be fun to dance and sing along to.

독 같은 dirty money! ♫

GD – 삐딱하게 (Crooked)


Crooked is like the anthem of going crazy and enjoying the song like no-one’s watching. The tune of it and its meaning makes you wanna be ‘crooked’ and forget all your worries and go crazy! Great song! When feeling like you want to have fun, this is the song to choose!

갈 곳을 잃고 헤매는 외로운 저 섬 하나
텅텅 빈 길거리를 가득 채운 기러기들
내 맘과 달리 날씨는 참 더럽게도 좋아

A lonely island, lost and wandering
The empty streets are filled with those who are alone
Unlike my heart, the weather is so damn nice

Boys Republic – Party Rock


Party Rock is a very fun, lively song that is easy to sing along to and dance to. It can brighten up the mood and would be a great song to sing and dance to on a desert island ><

GOT7 – Magnetic


The sound of this song is  nostalgic, as it feels like I’m going back to the good old happy days, which makes me happy. It’s a sweet song.



Listening to this song makes me feel like going crazy like Epik High does in the music video. Also, the lyrics are about feeling hated and feeling blamed for things that aren’t in your control. This can be felt by anyone and this song is something to listen to when you feel down.

Team B – Wait For Me


After going through so much during WIN and then having to go through another survival show, Mix & Match, Team B (or now known as iKON, with new member, Jung Chanwoo) have overcome their obstacles despite the hardships. Listening to this song, that was released just after starting the Mix & Match show started, makes me feel so inspired because despite the hard times, they are determined more than ever and are telling their friends, family and fans to wait for them and that they’ll be there for everyone. Now that they have succeeded in becoming an official group, this song will still be very special and meaningful as when they were Team B.

2NE1 – Can’t Nobody


I love this song because it’s all about being confident, not caring about what others think and doing what you have to do and what you want to do. This song helps me to feel really energetic when I’m feeling down etc.

The last 40 seconds is the best part of the song!

Let’s rock! Just take it to the top! Ain’t never gonna stop! Now all I wanna do is make you rock!♫

EXO-K – Machine


Ever since EXO released their first mini album back on April 9th 2012, Machine has always been one of my most favourite songs from that album, along with Angel. It has a different sound and a futuristic sound to it. It has an addictive chorus that it easy to sing along to and the part of the song I love the most is when Baekhyun and Suho sing the bridge. The sound of it and their vocals are just amazing!

Yeah 이제는 깨어나
완벽한 아름다움
Woo 이제는 깨어나
그녈 웃게 할 날 지켜 봐봐

Yeah now (you’ve) woken up
A perfect beauty
Woo now (you’ve) woken up
Look at me who will make her smile

I would choose so many other songs by these artists and also by so many other artists and groups such as Teen Top, BTS, C-Clown, WINNER, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINee, CNBLUE, TVXQ, B1A4 and others but I could only choose 10 😦

***Another song I would definitely take with me would be…


It’s such a feel good song!

Also, I would take Taeyang’s Solar and Rise albums. His songs are amazing!

However, the 10 songs I listed above are the only ones I can take 😦



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