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K-Pop Academy Classes

K-Pop Academy Week 2: Taste Korean Food & Culture


For week 2, we met at the Central Street Cookery School to learn how to cook a Korean dish.



We were put into teams and I was put in the Girls’ Generation group, which was the vegetarian team.


The dish we were going to make was Dalkalbi, but my team made Dduk Bok Gi (without egg, fishcakes but with onions, spring onions and cheese). It was a cool coincidence though because a few days before the class, I felt like buying the ingredients to make Dduk Bok Gi and following C-ClOWN T.K’s instructions, as he cooked it on MTV Diary, but I didn’t get a chance to cook it. However, I luckily got the chance to make it with my fellow classmates and be taught how to make it.




For presentation, we spelt the word ‘VEG’ out of carrots and made a smiley face out of cheese on top.


Afterwards, we cleaned up and sat down at our team tables for our dishes to be examined for its appearance and taste. The winning team won a tub of gojujang to cook more Korean dishes at home. Then we ate our dish with lettuce, purple rice and basil leaves.

I had a lot of fun cooking! I will definitely make more Korean dishes at home in the future.


C-CLOWN’s T.K making Dduk Bok Gi

*EXO’s Sehun’s favourite dish is Dduk Bok Gi.



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