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K-Pop Academy Week 10 Homework Assignment: 10 K-Pop Tracks

If I was stranded on a desert island, the 10 K-Pop tracks I would take with me would be the following, however it was so hard to choose these because I literally love SO many K-Pop groups and their songs. In no particular order… Royal Pirates – 하루 다 지나가겠다 (Haru) The intro to this song … Continue reading

My Top 5 Korean Drama List

*For week 10’s homework assignment, I did option 2 as my homework but I liked option 3 as well, so I produced a list of my top 5 favourite Korean dramas that I would recommend to my friends. They are in no particular order. To not give away the storyline, I have put links to some of … Continue reading

K-Pop Academy Week 9 Homework Assignment: Arirang (아리랑)

When talking about Korea, the word ‘Arirang’ comes to mind. It is both very well-known in Korea and outside. ‘Arirang’ (아리랑) is a famous Korean folk song and is sometimes referred to as the unofficial national anthem of Korea. It is a song that shows the different emotions of happiness, sadness, anger and joy, and is … Continue reading

K-Pop Academy Week 8 Homework Assignment: Traditional Korean & Traditional Tamil clothing

In Week 8 of K-Pop Academy, we learnt about the different styles of traditional Korean clothing, Hanbok, especially those from the Joseon dynasty. We also had the chance to try on Hanbok, which was very fun. I was wearing a bridal outfit. Here are some photos from that day. These were taken by my fellow … Continue reading

K-Pop Academy Week 6 Homework: Historical Korean Film – Masquerade (광해)

I have always wanted to watch a historical Korean film or drama, since seeing the first ever historical Korean film I ever saw, War Of The Arrows (최종병기), during the 6th London Korean Film Festival in November 2011. I truly enjoyed watching this film. Actor, Ryu SeungRyong acts in this film, as well as in … Continue reading

K-Pop Academy Week 5 Homework: Kim YoungSe

Kim YoungSe is an industrial designer, who is the founder and director of INNODESIGN. He decided to become a designer at the age of 16, and studied industrial design at Seoul National University and the University of Illinois. He worked at different design companies in Chicago, which helped him to go in the design working field. … Continue reading

K-Pop Academy Week 4 Homework: Traditional forms of Korean dance – Pungmul (풍물)

Many countries around the world have their own traditional dances, and this includes South Korea. They have many different forms of traditional dances from different regions of the country. These include Ganggangsullae and Geommu. Ganggangsullae (강강술래) is Korean dance that was performed under the full moon, to bring about a good harvest. It involves singing … Continue reading

K-Pop Academy Week 3 Homework: Admiral Yi Sun-shin (이순신)

Admiral Yi Sun-shin (1545-1598), was a Korean naval commander, who is famously known for his victories against the Japanese navy, during the Imjin War (1592-1598) in the Joseon dynasty. *Joseon was a Korean kingdom that lasted for approximately five centuries. It was the last dynasty of Korean history and the longest-ruling Confucian dynasty. He is … Continue reading

K-Pop Academy Week 2 Homework: Cooking a Korean Dish – Yubu Kimbap (유부김밥)

Although I chose option 3 as my Week 2 homework, I also wanted to try out cooking Korean food, as I enjoyed making Dduk Bok Gi during Week 2’s cooking lesson. I have always wanted to make Dduk Bok Gi. A while ago, I saw an episode of MTV Diary where T.K from C-Clown, made … Continue reading

K-pop Academy Week 2 Homework: A dinner menu for my favourite K-Pop Star(s)

For Week 2’s homework of the K-Pop Academy, I chose option 3, where I created a menu of the food I would serve my favourite K-pop star(s), Sehun and Kai. This included a starter, main course and dessert, with reasons for serving each type of food. I have presented it as a PowerPoint presention, as … Continue reading